What to expect in this course

What to Expect From This Course

You will not only master techniques of performing a perfect lash and brow lamination, you will also learn everything you need to know to launch your lifting business! In addition to techniques you will gain the tools needed to be able to customize your brow design, Learn how to protect your client and yourself; and maximize your time and efficiency, in order to maximize profits.

We will go through practical steps, discuss design options and add ons, explain business strategy and opportunities, as well as provide legal, sales and marketing foundations so that when you become certified you not only will do beautiful work you will be success in creating a business out of eyebrow lamination and lash lifting.

We will be working on three models - the first is for technique, the second will focus on design options and the third on timing this service with the lash lift.

At the end you will become certified as a LAshX ProLift Master.

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