Why Retention Is Important

Lash Retention = Client Retention!

The secret to a profitable thriving eyelash extension business is: lash retention equals client retention.

What does that mean? If your clients' lashes last longer and promote healthy natural lash growth, you will automatically be busier, and make more money. Why is this true? You may be thinking, if clients come less, wont I make less money?

Most clients do not want to have to come in for fills every two weeks. If your lashes look good longer they will be more likely to keep them up for years. If their natural lashes get healthier you will be able to lash them for years. Word of mouth will spread that your lashes last longer and are safer and you will get busier. You will be able to charge more per service and see each client less often. The benefits for the client are that they save time and money. The benefits for your business is that you can accommodate more clients at a higher price per hour. You will be making a higher per hour fee and offering the best possible product to your client. 

Why does LAshX System provide better retention?

There are four reasons the LAshX System helps extensions last longer:

1 The thin adhesive cures flexible so that it moves with the natural lash, preventing poking, tension at the hair follicle and popping off. It is safe to put close to the lash line for longer grow out.

2 This thin adhesive meshes with our patented lashes. Our Mink Lashes(R) are actually made of a nylon polymer that is strong but light and flexible. It gives a beautiful lush natural look. That thin adhesive and lash mesh creating what we call our Flexi-hold Technology(TM) . Again, this allows flexible wear that moves with natural hairs, preventing pulling or tension.

3 Cleaning with the LAshX Cleanser before application removes natural oils that if they get between adhesive and natural lashes lessen retention. Our cleanser removes these oils WITHOUT drying out the hair, skin or adhesive. Cleaning with this cleanser after application keep lash extensions soft and supple and removes oils and bacteria to ensure the extensions last 2 weeks longer.

4 Our LAshX Proline lash serums not only make the natural lashes growing fuller, stronger and longer, which allows us to get fuller applications, these serums also keeps lashes in the anagen phase, or growth phase of the lash cycle for two weeks longer. This allows our retention to be 6-8 weeks between fills with regular use.

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