What is needed to Pass this Certification

In order to pass this class you will need to:

Explain consultation form to your client - email me this filled out with any notes on it

Teach your client how to prep and prime with LAshX Cleanser - Send me a video of your doing this.

Do a proper analyzation and consultation - Choosing your design based on this - Explain to me what lashes your chose and why

Apply 10 perfect lashes per eye - Send me a clear photo please

Do a banana peel

Explain Aftercare - send me a video of this

Do a mock removal - on your client

I recommend going through the entire course, email or call us with questions as you go. Once you have completed the class I would go back and film or take photos needed to pass the class. Put these in one folder and share that with me: [email protected]. This will let you focus on the material first and then the test. That is how we would do it in a live class setting. Share one folder with me with all of your work please because a bunch of separate emails can get lost in my crazy inbox. Please give me a couple days to respond but do check back if you don't get a response within a few days! My email can sometimes be a black hole. I will give you feedback and when you pass we will mail you a proper certification as well as list you on our Professional Find a Pro site. You must pass this course before being certified in the next course because the material builds. Please let us know if you have questions. We are always available via email and during pacific business hours via phone or text. We are on pacific time. Remember to have fun!!

Here are examples of good photographs that will allow me to evaluate your work:

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