Sanitation Standards

Safety and Sanitation

We will practice all state board standards of course, as with any service. Tools are washed with soap and water for 10 minutes and then put in quats, Barbicide or UV Disinfection. All linens are changed between clients and must be washed with at least 140 degree temperature water.

Since Covid-19, my clients wear a mask and I am wearing a mask, with a plastic visor to protect my eyes and gloves. I sanitize the gloves and use the gloves to remove old linens before throwing them out. You can remove your brow hairs from the tray and work off the back of your glove or a pallet. The hairs should not be saved, so if you only need a small amount you can use a blade to cut the sticker before removing the hairs from the tray so that you are only taking out a little section at a time. Make sure to disinfect all mag lamps, and other areas between guests. All disposable items should be thrown out!

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