Analyze and Consult

Analyze and Consult

After your guest fills out the Intake Form and you determine that they are a great candidate; and after you have done the allergy test, or the client has waived the allergy test it is time to do the analyze and consult step. This is the most important step, because it's where the verbal an visual designing takes place. If you skip this step, you could do beautiful brow design but if its not what your client is in visioning, they will not be happy.

Analyze and Consult step involves four parts:

  • Prepping and priming the brow area
  • Making observations and a visual intake of the client
  • Asking a series of questions to determine what your client is looking for
  • Determine a plan of action an order of operations
  • Get a verbal commitment

Prepping and Priming

You will want to make a mental note of how your client is wearing their eyebrow makeup - if they are wearing any. This maybe how they like their brows designed. Then you will use the LAshX Lash Cleanse with water on a cotton round or cloth to remove any makeup or oils on the skin in the brow area. Use a clean cotton or cloth with water to ensure all of the cleanser is off and then dry the skin and brows. This process is essential to making sure that your work will last well and adhere properly. The LAshX Cleanser will remove all the makeup and oils without drying out the skin or hair. It is free of surfactants and foaming agents so it will not dehydrate the hair or lessen retention. The aloe in this special cleanser is naturally anti-bacterial and it also contains biotin and panthenol to encourage healthy brow hairs. At this point you can explain to the client that this is the best cleanser to use at home on the brow extensions and tint because it won't strip the brow color or adhesive. It will make the area healthier and increase the length of time the client can go between services. It is also a great cleanser for the whole face.

I would use this script "I am cleaning your brow area with a special cleanser and this is what you will use at home to maintain your brows (and lashes). It has aloe which is a natural anti-septic and biotin and panthenol to help the brows and lashes get fuller and healthier. You can use it all over or just on the brow area, whichever you prefer. You will want to make sure not to get any other cleansers or makeup removers on the brow extensions because they will cause your results not to last as long."


We are analyzing our client for the following things:

  • How are the natural brows and eyes spaced?
  • Do the natural brows end shot, have gaps, scars or holes?
  • What color, length, curl and texture are the natural eyebrow hairs?
  • What is the natural shape of the brows?
  • The bone structure of the clients face


In this step we want to ask the client how they like their brows. Do they want to add length, thickness, even them out? Many clients like to accentuate the inner corners of the brows to define them. Do they want to look like they are wearing makeup, or are filled in? Do they want to match their natural brow color, hair color or something different? Are they wanting the skin dyed, hair dyed or neither?

Determine an Action Plan

This is where you want to verbalize what you see and therefore recommend with your design choices based on what the client is requesting. The reason we want to verbalize this is because we want the client to be the person deciding the look. Therefore, if for some reason they want to change something its not that they are unhappy with us but rather changed their mind. This helps ensure ever client gets what they have in mind and prevents unhappy clients!

Get a Verbal Commitment

I might say something like this.

"I see your brows are a bit uneven. Based on what you told me and what I am observing, it sounds like you want to even them out and make them fuller. You would like to emphasize the inner parts of the brow to open your eyes up and create more arch to lift your face. You like a more made-up look. So this is what I recommend. First, I will do a bit of a brow design and clean with with the wax to remove any outliers. Then, We will tint the brows to even out the shape and make them look fuller. I will tint the skin and the hair so you get more of that makeup look. Lastly, I will use the brow extensions to help fill in the brows, extend the end and emphasize the inner corners. We will go slightly darker than your natural brow hair to match the tint and look a bit more defined. Does that sound right to you?"

Don't skip this part because its protect your time, and really makes sure you are on the same page with your guest.

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