Add Value

Add Value for Your Client - Instead of Competing on Price

Some ways that you can add value:

  • Showing your skills and knowledge
  • Specializing in multiple services - a one stop shop
  • Including a product that doesn't cost you much or samples
  • Getting them the best results - longest lasting results
  • Improving overall client lash and brow health
  • Add on services
  • Treats when they come in

Get creative and set yourself apart! Trying to be the cheapest should not be your unique selling proposition.


Your client's results will only be as good as the care they take with them. Proper aftercare is essential to good results.


Don't forget to sell the proper lash and brow cleanser to your client so they can prolong their look. The LAshX Lash Cleanse will last your client 6 months and prolong their look, saving them money and time. You will sell it for $35 and profit $18 per sale.

Another great retail item is our LAshX Proline, It naturally makes lashes and brows grow in thicker, longer and fuller, so your client can use daily between appointments to give you more brows or lashes to work with at each appointment.

Retail is $120 and your profit is $60-70 per liner. The liner lasts 6-12months for clients.

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