Eyebrow Extension Concept Introduction

What are Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions are the process of adding faux brow hairs to natural hairs. This technique can be used to make eyebrows appear fuller, correct imbalances, cover scars, and extend brows that appear too short. Brow design can help lift the eyes, make far set eyes appear closer, or close set eyes farther apart. Arching of eyebrows can lift the brow and open the eyes up. Bolder brows in general are more youthful looking. This procedure will work on anyone that has at least a vellus hair to bond to. We never attach brow extensions directly to the skin because they will not last. If a client is completely bare of any hair this procedure is probably not the best options. For those clients you can recommend the LAshX Pro Line, tinting the skin, or possible permanent makeup. What I love about eyebrow extensions compared to some of those other services is that it has a very very natural texture. You cannot differentiate between the extensions and the natural brows so for close up photography and just every day wear the brows will look completely real.

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