Pricing Your New Services

The Business of Brows

Lets talk business! In our ad-on section we went over some of the possible ad-ons and pricing. As you may know, the more services one client does, the better your bottom line. Even if you do the same number of services for several different people you would make more profit doing more services on one client. the reason for this is each client has a time cost and a supplies cost. It is much faster to quickly add a brow wax and tint to a brow extension client than the time it would take to see three different clients for those same services, and in our business time is our most limited resource. Time is money! Each client needs more PPE, linens, coffee, they may be running late, a consultation etc. So your goal as a practitioner is to book extra time for clients and do as many services as possible on fewer clients. This is also a huge value for your client who is also saving their time!

So here is how the numbers look with average LAshX partner pricing:

Brow Lamination $100

Brow Wax $20

Brow Tint $30

Brow Extensions $125


90 Minutes = $275

Cost of supplies = $12

And of course this could be added to lash extensions or facials etc!! Work it!

After care sales

1 Lash Cleanse to maintain brows = $17.50 profit

1 Lashx Proliner and brow serum = $60 profit

Total profit = $340.50 for 90 minutes

Or $227/hr. I tell our LAshX partners to goal themselves at bringing in $200/hour

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