Possible Contra-indications

Possible Contra-indications

The following are some of the conditions that could limit abilities to do this service, or be a contra-indication of it. These are the most common but not exhaustive.

  • Alopecia - or other hair loss causing diseases
  • Permanent or repetitive Hair loss of eyebrows from, medical, or environmental reason
  • Large scarring that cannot be covered
  • Use of Retinol
  • Lack of any hair
  • Allergies to dyes, adhesives or wax

Factors that could limit retention of brow extensions:

  • Use of heavy creams or oils on the skin
  • Use of skin care containing retinols or glycolics
  • Sun blocks with oils
  • Makeup that is not powder only
  • Sweats or Salts
  • Rubbing
  • Not washing regularly with LAshX Cleanse
  • Use of lash and brow serums that speed up growth (Not LAshX Proline but other lash growth products)

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