Proper Placement for Longevity

Proper Placement for Longevity

The proper attachment of a brow extension happens when you match the planes of the extension and natural hair and you slide the extension directly on top of the natural hair for a complete bond. The application is the same as classic lashes in that you place the extension on top of the natural hair, shimmy back and forth and you will feel a "magnet" feeling happen when the hairs cling. There is no need to use isolation tweezers usually with eyebrow extensions because the hairs are pretty well isolated already but sometimes you will need a second set of fine tweezers to lift layers of natural hair to place filler brow extensions in the brow under longer covering hairs. .

To do this you first want to set your brows with the logo of your tray facing toward you. You will notice the shape of the brow hairs are what are called an i curl. The tray contains lengths 5-9 mm the most common brow lengths. The diameter is a .07. If you find you need extra long brow hairs for a client the LAshX J.07 trays will also work.

You will start by picking up one extension at a 90 degree angle so that your X-Tweezer and the extension hair form a right angle corner. You want to grab the extension close to the top of the hair.

You will dip your extension in the lash adhesive much like you would with classic lashes, but you want to make sure your adhesive drop forms a dome so that the extension gets completely enveloped with adhesive. The result should be that the concave part of the curve has adhesive on it so that when you turn the extension in your X-Tweezer the adhesive will stick to the natural hair. The extension should curve away from the skin like a rainbow. If the lash extension is on its side it will look like a crazy curly eyebrow hair, so the direction of the extension placement is important. The extension should curve up and away from the skin.

Hair Placement

Start by the nose and work toward the tail of the eyebrow. The hairs closest to the nose will go straight up from the bottom of the eyebrow to the top. You will select the perfect matching length for this. If you need to add density to the brow you will choose short hairs as you fill in so that each extension hair ends in a clean line along the top of the eyebrow. As you work toward the arch your angles will lean up and out. At the arch the direction will change from top of the brow down and bottom of the brow up, meeting in the middle at an angle. This creates a herring bone pattern toward the tail. Often I will squint my eyes a little lose focus and just see density of the brows. This ensure they look like they have the same thickness through out.

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