Camouflaging Scars or Spots

Scars and Missing Hair

After mapping out the brow design with your grid, you will need to check for any wholes or scars in the brow. If there is no hair at all in an area there should be, you will need to bridge some extensions over the area to hide the scar.

These areas can be camouflaged by simply following the general hair pattern but laying an extension on a near by hair and crossing over the area with no hair. I will typically choose a little bit longer extensions to help hide these areas. You can also lay two extensions off of one hair in slightly different angles to get more coverage. If the scar is very large extensions may not be the best solution to the issue. Use your judgement if the hairs will cover properly.

Tinting before the service will also aid in hiding these spots.

In both of my examples the tint plays a big role in helping to camouflage scars.

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