Application Pattern

Application Patterns

As you create your brow shape the direction of each hair is important. You want to make sure you match the natural pattern of the eyebrow for the most part, perfecting it as you go.

Take a look at these common application patterns. You want to match closest to your client's natural growth pattern. Too sharp an arch can make people look angry and too curved can look clown-ish. Take into consideration your analyze and consult to determine the best pattern for your guest. It can be more lifting on the face if the tail of the brow is not turned too far down.

This is my favorite shape for most people. Its natural and flattering on most faces.

A bold dramatic brow can be very youthful! Make sure not to over power someone with more delicate features though.

This is a very soft natural look that is great for clients who need a softer look or are older and do not have as much hair to start with.

In this style the clients brows are angled downward, this will allow you to "Lift the brow" while matching the natural growth pattern.

This stacked brow is best for someone who has very short natural hairs or a think brow shape that you want to make look thicker. See how the short hairs are stacked to create a thinker look.

Here is a variation of the above style for a thinner brow that has more hairs but they angle downward.

These are just some samples of common hair patters. You will want to, again, analyze and consult and then choose the right fit for each client and can alter the shape to your needs. Being able to visualize brow shapes is key and mapping out a brow shape will help you keep everything symmetrical.

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