Patch Testing

Patch Testing or Allergy Test


It is law in most locations that we need to offer an allergy test to all guests. Even if it isn't the law, you want to do this because it protects you from possible complaints or refunds. When a new client calls or comes in we let them know we recommend an allergy test. There are some cases that I insist on an allergy test. I insist on an allergy test for any new clients who have had a reaction prior to lash extensions, lash adhesive, tint, dye or any adhesives. I also insist on allergy tests for brides or people who are about to go on a trip, if they are new clients to me. If your client does not want the allergy test they have the right to waive it. How I record this is on the consent form I will write the words "Waived Allergy Test" and have the client initial it. I explain to them that if they do have a reaction there are no refunds but I am happy to remove the product when possible. This will protect you if for any reason the client tries to complain or take you to court over the cost of the service or an allergic reaction.


The best way to perform an allergy test for tint is to put a little in a hidden spot of the hair line behind the ear. Leave the tint for 8-12 minutes and then wipe away. You will do a tiny patch test and need to check it in 24-48 hours for irritation or redness. To test for the eyebrow extensions. You can put a couple extensions on the end of the brow and wait 24-48 hours to check for irritation.

For both these test you will follow protocol exactly so that there are no new steps or products when you do the full service.

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