The Full design - Add-ons

The Full Design - Add Ons

When planning a design with your client you want to decide what other complimentary add-on services will help them achieve the perfect look. This will help you maximize profits and allow client to get a total and complete look.

Most likely you will add on waxing, tweezing and or tinting to complete your look. In some special cases it may make sense to do a brow lamination first. Not every client will need ever add-on and that is why they are all priced a-la-cart.

Waxing - hard or soft is your preference and can be done to remove hairs that lay outside your desired brow shape. We want to create clean straight lines across the top and bottom of the brow in most cases. Many times brows will actually look fuller if we clean up those hairs that or out of the lines. Usually salons charge between $20 - $40 for a full brow wax. Wax results last about 30 days.

Tweezing - Some clients will prefer tweezing or only need a few hairs removed to clean up their shape before adding the extensions. Depending on the amount of tweezing necessary you may or may not want to charge. I would not charge to remove a few hairs but if they needs to get rid of a uni-brow and it takes substantial time I would charge around $20 as an add on. Tweezing results last about 30 days.

Tinting - Tinting the brow is really helpful in most cases. Tint is utilized to cover grey or white hairs, tint light peach fuzz to make the brows appear fuller and easier to see. You may tint the skin if the client has very little hair to create a shape. This can be done to look like a shadow or makeup depending on the client's desires or you can tint with just a mascara wand to color only the hair. If I want to tint the skin I will use a flat liner makeup brush and apply the tint in the shape that I want. I let the client see and approve the shape before it sets. When you first apply the tint it can easily be removed with q-tips until your client is happy with the design. If you wait too long you will need to use the tint remover. Tinting results last about 30 days. Usually salons charge $35-45 for an eyebrow tint.

We sell a full starter tint kit here and have another class on tinting if you are less than familiar.

Brow Lamination - This is the process of perming the hairs up and into position. You can utilize this if your clients brow hairs are super curly, pointing straight down in the wrong direction or if they have a good amount of hair to start but its growing straight to the side making the eyebrow area look thin. Brow lamination results last about 90 days and salons charge $65-$150 for eyebrow lamination. This will add about 30 minutes to your service time.

See in this example how the client actually has a ton of eyebrows? They look sparse until the lamination. For this client all she needed was a lamination and tint to get her desired look. If we did that and there were still some sparse areas I could have gone in with extensions to fill her out.

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