Ergonomics and Keeping Ourselves Safe

Ergonomics and keeping ourselves safe

In addition to the PPE mentioned in the last section its also important to keep our eyes and bodies safe after a full day of work.

With all Spa Services, having proper ergonomics is important for you as a professional. You spend your day working in the same position and without proper ergonomics you can be subject to pain, discomfort and in some cases permanent damage to your body.

The proper ergonomics for lash lift is a seated position. You will sit with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Your clients head should be just a little below chest level so you can see over their brow bone an lash line without hunching or stretching. You will be sitting higher than you would be with lash extensions so may have to adjust your stool or bed. Your back should be straight and you should be able to rest your forearms on the bed for stability when needed.

Good lighting is also important to keep your eyes from straining. If you need magnifying glasses, use them!

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