Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shape Design

Guides are extremely helpful when you are learning design to help you make sure your client is symmetrical. Remember all of these guides can be skewed to be more flattering for your particular client.

I recommend using a concealer pencil or lip liner to actually draw your grid in the beginning. Use a straight brush or tool and only mark the line in the actual brow area. Later you will be able to visualize it in your head.

  1. Draw a light from outer nostril to inner corner of eye - this is where brow should start
  2. Draw a line from from nostril to pupil of eye to mark top of arch in brow.
  3. Create a line from outer nostril to outer corner of eye - this is where the brow tail should end
  4. Create a line form one brow to the other to make sure the tops of the arches are even and level, the bottom of the arches are even and level
  5. Level the inner starts of the brow on top and bottom to make sure that the two brows are level
  6. Draw a line from the bottom start of one brow to the top of the other brow's arch and this should be pretty straight

Now you have your shape and design!

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